Stay safe this Autumn

With Halloween and Bonfire night just around the corner it can only mean that autumn is now with us in full force. With the changing of the seasons, it’s time to check your family and your home are fully prepared for any seasonal hazards that could occur.

From falling leaves and driving in the dark, to flu jabs and blocked gutters, here we list some of the things you need to be aware of to make sure your autumn season turns to winter without any incidents.

shutterstock_100639285Autumnal Leaves

Autumnal leaves are beautiful as they turn from green into their various shades of red, orange, brown, yellow and purple, but fallen leaves can cause slipping hazards. At first as they fall from the trees they are normally light and crispy but if it rains or snows the leaves on the ground can become lethal as they turn into a soft, slippy mulch becoming perilous under foot, particularly to the elderly or young children.

Driving Safely

Driving conditions change throughout the year and the autumn season brings with it its own set of challenges. The British weather is always unpredictable but knowing some of the issues that can occur will ensure you are prepared should the worst happen. You can download the BBC weather app ( to keep you up to date with changes in the forecast. In windy weather, be aware that leaves can blow onto your windscreen impairing your vision and also keep in mind that falling trees can cause potentially life-threatening situations. If you’re driving in the rain, slow down. Roads can become hazardous in wet weather so avoid driving close to other cars and breaking late.

Home Maintenance

Leaves once again can cause issues around your home. Clear any gutters from debris and leaves and make sure you check your drains and gutters are all in good working order. If you haven’t checked them since the winter, you may find that some need repairing. You can buy replacement parts or new guttering from on-line retailers like Rainclear.

Carbon Monoxide

With the heating once again being switched back on, it’s time to make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working properly. And whilst your testing alarms, why not check your smoke alarms are working as well.

Halloween & Bonfire Nightshutterstock_452513506

Halloween and bonfire night are great annual events. If you’re planning a party with friends, make sure any candles are out of harm’s way and well away from any combustible materials. Fireworks should always be handled with extreme caution and, if you are at all nervous about lighting them yourself, why not see if there are any local displays you can enjoy instead.


As the weather turns colder and the children return to school, the cold and flu virus starts making the rounds once again. If you are at risk, the NHS will vaccinate you free of charge. You may also find that your work will also offer the flu vaccine free of charge. If you would like to have the flu vaccine, visit the NHS website for further details: