Top tips to help sell your home

tidied large lounge

Location, location, location! These famous words have now been made into a top TV programme aired on Channel 4 and has catapulted Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer into the property limelight. However if you are thinking about selling your home your top three words of choice should instead be presentation, presentation, presentation!

Preparing your home to sell if done correctly will not only ensure a quick sale but can also add thousands of pounds to its value. We all become accustomed to our homes and the everyday wear and tear problems that can crop up. But before the sale board goes up outside you should look at your home through the eyes of your potential buyer. What would you see? Chipped paint, scuffed skirting, light bulbs that need replacing or even an over grown garden. All of these things can have a negative impact on first impressions so it is vital you address these issues before taking the plunge.

Here are some top tips that could help the sale of your home go smoothly and quickly.

Curb appeal

It is important to make your house stand out from the others in a positive light rather than a negative one! If you have a front garden make sure the beds are weeded and the areas are neat and tidy. You could even inject some extra colour by adding some potted plants or hanging baskets. If you have bins in the front move them to somewhere out of sight whilst viewings take place. Clean the windows and front door and make sure there’s no peeling paint on view.


First Impressions

As soon as you open the front door your first impression is made. Your entry hallway or room should be light and bright and clean and tidy. This first impression will be hard to dislodge for the rest of the viewing no matter how hard you try.



Check all your light bulbs work and are nice and bright. Nobody likes dark and dingy rooms so show off each space with well-lit lights and lamps to gain maximum effect.



Get rid of all the clutter that you have gathered over the years. Clean shelves and work tops to make sure your visitors can see the space within your home. Put all your unwanted items into a box and store in the attic ready for you to sort through when you move home. Another great top tip is to ensure your rooms are presented in the way they should be used. If you are selling your home as a three bedroom property, make sure you have three workable bedrooms and not two bedrooms and a store room.


Clean and Fix

A proper clean is an absolute must. Nobody wants to see dirt and rubbish lying around. Get rid of any nasty smells and scent the air with room fresheners and fresh coffee instead. Jo Malone has a great range of diffuser reeds with all kinds of different aromas to suit everyone.


For more help, advice and guidance get in touch with your local estate agents. Prospect Estate Agency is an experienced estate agent and is more than happy to help answer any questions you may have when selling your home.