Double glazing or triple glazing?

couple looking out of window from the sofa

If you are planning on building a new home or are extending your property you may be considering using triple glazing instead of the standard double glazing windows which most of us now have installed in our homes.

Triple glazing was originally devised for the cold climates in Canada and Scandinavian. Triple glazing is literally three layers of glass and therefore has two air gaps.  The glass, similar to double glazing, can be treated to make it more energy efficient and the gaps in between the panes of glass can be filled with a gas such as xenon which will help reduce the amount of heat lost.

With the extra benefit of substantial noise reduction, for new builds and extensions, triple glazing could be a good choice. There has been some debate with regards to the effects of light reduction if you use triple glazing but the reduction seems to be fairly negligible. If you are at all concerned about the effects this may have on your home make sure you visit some display houses so that you can see the difference for yourself.

Triple glazing costs can be approximately 20 to 40% more than double glazing. Contacting several glazing companies will help you establish which company are offering the best deals. You should also ask for a variety of different quotes so that you can compare the costs between double and triple glazing. Once you have the costs to compare you can work out which would be most cost-0effective for your personal circumstances.

If you already have double glazing installed in your home, you could consider installing window shutters to your home instead of changing to triple glazing to help your homes energy efficiency. Shutters have a range of benefits including additional privacy and security, heat and light control and are very aesthetically pleasing. Shutters could also help reduce your energy bills as they provide additional protection for heat loss. Purely Shutters offer a range of shutters from solid shutters to plantation shutters that will suit any style of property.

The British Fenestration Rating Council has introduced a labelling system similar to the energy rating of household appliances which grades the energy efficiency of the window systems. The rating system is graded from A to G with A being the best and G the worst.

The general consensus at the moment is if you already have double glazing installed there is not much benefit for upgrading to triple glazing but if you are building a new property or extending your existing home then it may be worth considering triple glazing over double glazing.

There are all kinds of ways of making your home more energy efficient, the Energy Saving Trust website has some great advice and excellent tips to help reduce your household bills and make your home greener.