Tips for Men to Make a Statement for Summer ‘19

In need of a summer wardrobe revamp? Well here is the perfect place to come. Over the summer months there are endless numbers of weddings, BBQ’s and most importantly holidays. In order to dress for the occasion, these are the latest trends to own your summer look.

Summer Weddings


Summer is evidently wedding season, and it is every man’s nightmare when the invite only states ‘smart casual’. Well rest assured we have the perfect fashion guide for the long wedding season you have lined up.

If the ceremony or drinks reception is outside, it is definitely a good idea to wear lighter, breathable materials such as cotton and linen. For countryside or sea-side weddings, chino shorts, white short-sleeved shirts and loafers worn sockless are ideal.



Going on holiday is always exciting, and everyone is guilty of wanting to look nice when posting a photo. When it comes to choosing your swimwear, shirts and shorts, much to our excitement the nineties has come back into fashion! No one wants to look ordinary, so if you’re looking to stand out, opt for something neon, floral patterned or animal print. Edwin have some great men’s jeans you can match with your eye catching shirts.

Also, you can’t go on holiday without a hat. Baseball caps are very in season now. To explore more affordable items, check out Topman, Primark or River Island for inspiration.

Add to your Look


To complete an outfit you need accessories, it gives you that extra edge. It can also transform your look from looking completely plain and basic. Sunglasses are a must when it comes to summer fashion, especially round shaped glasses. Marie Wilkinson, design director at Cutler and Gross said the best round glasses are combined with acetate arms and metal fronts.

To make a statement at a festival or party, go for a geometric shape and patterned and coloured shades. For more information on finding the perfect sunglasses for you, check out this website:

Jewellery always adds to your look, bracelets are one of the most popular accessory items worn by men. They can be used in a casual or formal setting, and there are many different options ranging from beaded, solid metal and chain.

Rings are becoming more and more popular, as many men feared that rings should only be worn as a wedding band or because it wasn’t seen as masculine enough. However, times are changing, and rings are slowly becoming more common.

Necklaces are a great way to complete an outfit, they are very popular with both women and men. Typically, men will receive necklaces as presents for their birthday or as a symbol of love from their partner.

One item that will never stop being worn are watches, a definite staple in men’s fashion. Not only are they useful in telling the date and time, some new electronic watches can track your number of steps, heart rate, texts and phone calls. The list goes on. Plus, they come in trendy designs that can match your sense of style.

Lastly, bags are a great addition and are particularly handy for festivals and going out on the town. Bum bags, which surprisingly have come back into fashion, and bag packs are still popular with all ages of men. If you’d prefer something a little more sophisticated that’s big enough to hold all your personal belongings when out and about a shoulder bag could be your answer. They come in a variety of different materials such as leather and canvas weave as well as different colours. Both Asos and Boohoo Man – – have great selections.