Best places for expats to live and work

As winter looms before us and summer disappears into the dark recesses of our mind, many of us start dreaming of warmer climates and a break to the normal daily routine. If you’ve started thinking about working abroad as an expat, you may be wondering where in the world to go.

Here we list 5 of the top worldwide locations for you to consider:


If you love breath-taking scenery, wide-open spaces, sport, and freedom, Canada could be the place for you. Canadians are notoriously friendly to strangers, and incredibly welcoming to immigrants – 20% of Canada’s 35 million population are foreign born. Work opportunities are high for skilled workers and for those of you who are self-employed you’ll just need to prove you have 2 years relevant experience, have a medical and get a police certificate.

New Zealand

As New Zealanders leave there is always an influx of immigrants ready to fill the spaces! The country is constantly on the lookout for skilled workers especially those under the age of 30. With its state sponsored healthcare, stunning scenery and a high quality of life, NZ should certainly be at the top of anyone’s list. The main two islands, North Island and South Island are approximately 990 miles long meaning its climate is varied from top to toe. If you want to stay warm all year round go to the north of North Island, but if you fancy skiing hop over to Queenstown in the South Island where you’ll find several ski areas.


If you want to say good bye to the cold, then Dubai is the place for you but be warned temperatures in the summer can soar to 40°C. Weather aside, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a huge expat community and a thriving social life. Even though the local language is Arabic, English is pretty much the main language spoken, not surprising when you factor in that 75% of the population are expats! If you’re planning on setting up a business in Dubai there are numerous free zones for you to choose from. Companies such as Europe Emirates Group can help you with all the administration for company setup as well as taking care of your own financial requirements.


With its warm climate, white sandy beaches and laid-back culture Thailand offers a completely new way of living. From lazing under coconut trees and exploring temples to sightseeing ruins and surfing, Thailand has plenty of activities for you to enjoy after work. Thailand has recently undergone rapid development spurred on by its rising tourism industry. But even while living standards have risen, costs have remained low.


Singapore has retained much of its charm from its British Colonial days but now also boasts a cutting edge, well developed environment. Healthcare facilities in Singapore are state of the art and with a high standard of living, Singapore is a sought-after location for expats. If you’re highly qualified and have a strong work experience, then you could be in luck when hunting for a job. Competition for job openings is high, so it’s advisable to find a job before you move to Singapore if you are depending on an income for living. To find out more about the British Empire visit:

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