Unique ideas to make your wedding day stand out

Planning your wedding day can be a stressful time. With flowers to arrange, seating plans to work out and wedding lists to organise it’s no wonder you need a honeymoon to help you relax once all the hard work is done.

Maybe you are looking for a unique wedding location or wedding dress. The Brides Magazine has some great ideas on unique places and themes. Regardless of any unique, quirky ideas your wedding day will be a day to remember and treasure but if you are planning on a few special treats for you and your guests then look no further, we have a few more ideas that may help set your day ablaze.

Special Words

Message books have become quite a common theme for guests to write their special memo in.

As an alternative you could use a dictionary and ask your guests to circle words that they think reminds them of your day and leave a message as to why.

Wedding Service Handout

As a more exciting wedding service try including speeches from your favourite sitcoms or movies. Inspirational quotes or menus can also be a great way to make the service sheet more exciting and also provides a great keepsake for your guests.

Message Blackboards

Do you remember the days of disposal cameras? As the digital era sets in here’s an alternative use for disposal cameras. Place chalkboards around your venue so that people can write a special message when they get the urge. Tie disposal cameras to the boards so that the message can be caught on camera for years to come.


If you would like to add a special twist to your day why not think about hiring some performance artists. There are plenty to choose from depending on your budget. Maybe a magician to circulate and entertain your guests while the photos are being taken or maybe a caricaturist to capture the spirit of your guests could be just your thing. Think big and bold and go for it, this will really add an element of surprise to make your big day a memorable occasion for everyone.

Don’t forget you!

With the pressure building it can be easy to forget about you and how you wish to look. If you have always fancied having eyelash extensions or your teeth whitened why not try it now. Make sure you get professional advice for your new look and plan ahead so that you can get accustomed to your new look and adapt if necessary.

And finally, remember to smile and relax. When the big day arrives there’s not much more you can do but enjoy every moment with your husband or wife to be and celebrate with your guests.

This was written by Emily TT who works closely with Reece Associates who pride themselves in offering quality dental services. When Emily is not working she enjoys travelling the world and trying different cuisines.