Top tips to help you choose the perfect wedding location

If you’ve recently got engaged or maybe you’ve been engaged for a while but have now decided that the time is right to start planning your wedding, deciding on where to get married is probably the most important decision you’ll make. With so many different venues available in the UK, not to mention the different countries you can get married in, choosing the place where you’ll say ‘I do’ is no mean feat.

Here’s our top tips to keep you on track and focused to ensure you decide on the location you’ve always dreamed of.

Stay true to youshutterstock_337175501

Every couple that gets married is unique. They will have different ideas, dreams, aspirations and thoughts about their wedding. With such a huge variety of locations on offer, it’s important to not get swept along with someone else’s dream. Remember what you and your partner like and focus on that. Some couples love formality and traditional, others less formal and more casual. If top hats and tails are your thing then a beach wedding for instance may not cut it for you.


Getting married abroad or in a different place to where you live is now much more common. With families flung far and wide across the UK and the globe, you’ll probably find that wherever you choose will be suitable for someone! For something a little different you could try Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel in Stranraer or Polhawn Fort in Cornwall. For something more traditional why not choose a wedding venue in Cheltenham such as Ellenborough Park Hotel or even Claridge’s in London. If you’d like something more casual it’s worth taking a look at Tunnels Beaches in Devon.

Budget shutterstock_572694487

Of course, one of the main factors for choosing any location will be your budget and as much as it’s tempting to spend more on your special day, you must stick to your budget. If you fall in love with a location that will push you over your budget, then why not look at making other adjustments to bring your spending back in line. Using a wedding budget planner like this one from Bridebook will help you keep track of your wedding costs:

Stay focused and in touch with your feelings

A great top tip before you even start visiting locations and making serious plans is for you both to write down at the outset what you’d both like to be included in your day. For instance, if you’d like a certain type of food for your menu, or entertainment that’s not just a live band and a disco, it’s important before you book anywhere that these things can be accommodated. You will be paying a vast amount of money for your special day, so you need to make sure it’s right for you both.

Visit and then visit again

And finally, visit, visit and visit! Even before you book make sure you visit the venue several times at different times of the day so that you can get a good picture of the setting and how it will look during the day and the night. Make sure you ask all the questions you can think of no matter how small of trivial you think they may be. It’s important you have every angle covered so that nothing spoils the day. If you’re unsure about what to ask, Hitched has some great advice and list of questions to start you off. Follow the link to find out more: