Top reasons of why people move home

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can experience. From buyers pulling out to houses being taken off the market, there are a whole multitude of problems that can occur during the house move process.

But sometimes moving to a new house is inevitable and although it can be stressful it can also be exciting. Here are some of the top reasons of why people move home.

New job

If you’ve recently been promoted, then you may find that your job is no longer as local as before. If your company is relocating you, you may be entitled to request a relocation package. This could mean that they will help with the selling of your current home as well as helping with the purchase of your next property. If you have not been relocated before, Monster has some great top tips to help you negotiate the best deal with your employers:

You need more space

shutterstock_451241818 If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, you may have naturally outgrown the space. If you bought the house as a couple and now have children, you may need additional rooms, or you may simply be fed up of queuing for the bathroom every morning! You may also have initially bought your property as it was low maintenance and maybe didn’t have a garden, but as your circumstances change you may need a garden for the children to play in or for you to grow fruit and vegetables.



As mentioned above this could be for children but it could also be to accommodate ageing parents. If your current property does not lend itself to expansion you may be looking for a bigger property with an annexe which will still provide independent living but with the benefit of being on hand should it be needed. You may also be moving to be near your family. As kids grow up and fly the nest, there’s no guarantee that they will settle down in the same town as you. Moving to be near family, be that children, siblings or parents is a very common reason for moving home.


Many of us have invested in our property with the idea that when we get older, we can move to a smaller property to provide a nest egg for our retirement. As well as this, we may find that as we get older our current home is just too big for us to manage. If your property has four large double bedrooms, two or three receptions rooms, a large kitchen diner and a big garden, but now there’s just you, keeping up with the housework and gardening can be overwhelming. Finding a smaller property that’s more manageable will relieve the pressure of keeping on top of everything.

Neighbourhood & Schools

shutterstock_788902417If you’re looking to move to a better neighbourhood or would like to move to a certain catchment area for schools, your local estate agent will have the knowledge and expertise to help you ensure your next move meets your needs. They will know any up and coming areas and will also know all the local catchment areas for schools – vital information if this is the sole reason for your move. For more information on school admissions visit the government website –