The Best and Worst Dressed Celebrity Bumps

Some celebrities manage to get through their entire pregnancy maintaining the style, sophistication and elegance that they boasted even before announcing their happy news. Others however, seem to take this opportunity to ditch their stylist and instead choose to favour comfort over style. Below are some of the best and worst dressed celebrity bumps.

Kate Middleton

Possibly the most famous pregnancy of all time, Kate Middleton recently gave birth to her and Prince William’s first child. Being pregnant didn’t stop her from looking picture perfect for every public appearance she attended however and throughout the nine months, she maintained the conservative yet elegant style that Brits have grown to love.

Miranda Kerr

You could have been forgiven for not even realising that Miranda Kerr was pregnant with her first child with Orlando Bloom. Used to watching her figure, the model managed to maintain her tiny frame throughout and any sign of a bump was stylishly dressed and even cleverly disguised on some occasions.

Victoria Beckham

No best-dressed list would be complete without Victoria Beckham. Throughout all four of her pregnancies, the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer never failed to impress with her outfit choices. She well and truly showed the world that you can still look great no matter how big your baby bump is.


Beyonce 1

photo credit: skw234567 via photopin cc

Being pregnant didn’t stop Beyonce from being her usual glamorous self. The pop diva happily embraced her new curves with a series of stylish and flattering outfits that were always of course accessorized to perfection.


Black Eyed Peas star, Fergie, is quickly approaching her due date and is celebrating her last few weeks of pregnancy by stepping out in a number of clingy dresses. Clearly unfazed by any weight gain, the confident star has so far refused to let her growing bump change her quirky style.

Kim Kardashian

Reality television star, Kim Kardashian received a backlash of negative publicity all throughout her recent pregnancy. Constantly faced with hurtful comments about how much weight she had put on, rather than embracing her bump, Kim chose to step out in a number of unflattering outfits which only fuelled the comments coming from her critics.

Katie Price

Katie Price certainly isn’t famous for her class or style and being pregnant doesn’t seem to change this. During her pregnancy with her first child with ex-husband Peter Andre, the ex glamour model stepped out in a number of risqué outfits that left little to the imagination. Currently pregnant with her fourth child, Katie has so far refused to show her baby bump and in a bid to cover it, up has donned a number of interesting outfits in recent months.

This was written by Emily who is very interested in fashion and spending time with her family. Emily works closely with Bumpalicious, maternity dress wear for all occasions.