Reasons to install a stairlift

As we age, moving up and down the stairs in our home can become increasingly challenging. Stairs can become a major obstacle for anyone who has health conditions that affects their mobility. As a consequence, if someone has limited access to areas in their home they can end up feeling trapped and restricted.

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Of course, moving house to a bungalow can resolve this issue but relocating, especially for older people who will have already built a support network around them, can be very stressful and also result in them being isolated and lonely. Additionally, moving home can also be a burden financially even if you are downsizing, To find out more about the costs associated with moving home follow this link:

Another alternative is to carry out building works if your property has the space to create all your living and sleeping areas downstairs. But this too can be a big upheaval for an older person who will have their home disrupted for several months while the adjustments are made to their property. Additionally, building works can be costly and depending on the changes you make, your plans may need planning permission which can delay the work for several months. You can follow this link if you are considering building works to find out if you need planning permission:

A quick and easy solution for anyone that is facing mobility issues in their home is to install a stairlift. Not only can they be installed within a couple of hours, the cost is minimal in comparison to both moving home and building works.

Stairlifts are designed to help people with limited mobility get up and down stairs. For instance, people with arthritis or heart issues, those who may have had a hip replacement or even elderly people who have significant reduced strength and mobility due to old age.

Stairlifts are easy to use and bring great peace of mind not only to the user but also their loved ones as they are safe to use as well.

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A reputable stairlift company will be able to assess your home and let you know the options available to you i.e., whether you need a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift and also the additional features you may need to suit your mobility needs. This could be adapting the chair if you can’t sit easily or changing the controls if you have trouble using your hands.

All stairlifts are built and designed with safety features to keep their users safe such as arm rests, footrests, seat belts, plus obstruction detectors. Once installed a stairlift should have a service once a year to ensure it is running smoothly and is in good working order, regardless of whether it is being used frequently or infrequently.

Should your stairlift breakdown you should contact a reputable company or the company who installed your stairlift. Depending on where you live there are many stairlift repair companies in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and around the UK.