Preparing your Kitchen for Christmas

Our homes are our castles and there is no other time than at Christmas that we really make our kitchens’ earn their keep.

Often thought of as the heart of the home, the kitchen is the space that can provide the family with great food, a space to relax and socialize with family and friends and even become a homework area.

Whether you are looking to completely redesign your special room or simply spruce it up with a few new ideas for the festive season, here are some top tips for doing that all important kitchen remodel.

Research your Dream Kitchen

Make sure you do as much research as possible. Looking on line and investing in magazines such as House Beautiful can give you some inspirational ideas for colour and design. Thinking about the busy periods of year such as Christmas will help you make your kitchen functional for all occasions.

Kitchen Fabulous

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 Assess your Kitchen

At the start of any kitchen redesign you have to have a good idea about the practicalities of your kitchen space and what will work best for you. We all get carried away with our dream kitchen ideas but it’s no good planning for something that just won’t fit. If you are buying replacement appliances, make sure they fit the existing appliance space. Siemens offer great energy efficient appliances that could also help keep your costs down.

 Set your Budget

Depending on your budget some costs can be reduced by working with what you have already. Keeping your basic footprint for instance can keep your plumbing and electrical costs to a minimum as well as avoiding the need to replace the floor. By replacing your cupboards and worktops you can easily transform your kitchen into a completely new room with fairly minimal costs.

 Storage Ideas

One of the problems overlooked by many kitchen redesigns is that of the cupboards and storage. Ensuring you have the correct amount and in the right places is crucial to making sure your new kitchen works well for you. Adding shelves and hooks can help add additional space if needed.

Storage Kitchen

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Planning the Corners

To ensure that cupboard and appliance doors are as functional as possible, plan space for the door’s clearance and swing direction when thinking about your kitchen design. Try to keep appliances away from corners and make sure that doors won’t bang into each other if they open at the same time.


Kitchen flow and Islands

All good kitchen designs are based on the kitchen triangle which links the three areas of greatest activity: the sink, stove and refrigerator. When planning your kitchen keep this in mind and make sure traffic flow through the kitchen doesn’t impact on this. If you are planning an island make sure you plan enough space around it to make it useable.

Make it Unique

Making your kitchen design personal that shows your character will make your kitchen stand out. Don’t be too boring and functional, add an element of you to your design. By changing simple things such as glass doors, display shelving, wine racks and colourful artwork can really make your kitchen come alive.

And Lastly, Seek Professional Advice

If you are planning your kitchen yourself it’s best to get someone else’s opinion on your design. They can make sure you haven’t overlooked anything and will work with your existing ideas as well as giving you some new ones to help create your dream kitchen.


This was written by Emily who has a passion for Interior Design and works closely with Fabulous.