Mobility aids to help you move around your home

Old age and health issues are two of the major reasons that people find daily tasks becoming more difficult than they used to be. Getting in and out of a bath or shower or even navigating up and down steps can suddenly become more challenging than it used to be.

Here we look at some mobility aids than can be installed in and around your home to help you stay independent and safe in your own home.


Grab Bars

Grab bars are safety devices and help people maintain their balance. They come in all different sizes and materials and can be placed in around the home, in places where a little extra help is needed. If you have steps leading up to your front or back door, grab bars can be placed to the side of the door to help as you negotiate the step. They can also be used in bathrooms, in and around the bath or shower area. They are particularly useful as the area can obviously become very wet and slippery. A plastic rail with a raised grip is best used in this kind of environment as this will prevent wet hands from slipping. Screwfix has a range of grab bars for sale which you can view on their website:

Elderly man in stairlift


Stairs can become particularly hazardous especially if they are steep, curved or have different levels that need to be negotiated. Stairs come in all shapes and sizes but thankfully there is a great range of different affordable stairlifts available on the market to cover most kinds of stairs. If your stairs go round a bend for instance then you will be able to have a curved stairlift fitted and for traditional staircases there are plenty of straight stairlift options. Before a stairlift is ordered or fitted a site survey will be carried out by the stairlift company to advise you of your options.

Electric Rise and Reclining Chair

If you struggle to get in and out of your living room chair it may be worthwhile buying an electric rise reclining chair. There are plenty of makes and models on the market but if you are struggling with mobility issues it may be worth investing in a custom made riser reclining chair. A custom made chair will ensure that it provides all the right support in all the right places just for you. All measurements will be taken to ensure that the height, width, and depth of the chair are made for your build. For more information on buying a riser recliner chair visit the Which website by following this link:

Kitchen Trolleys

If you struggle to carry things around you home a kitchen trolley or a home trolley could be the perfect solution to reduce the risk of spillages and subsequently falls. A home trolley is a lightweight wheeled trolley that has trays fitted into the frame which you can place items on. They can be used for carrying food and drinks from one room to another, or cleaning products around your home. However, a kitchen trolley should not be used in place of a walking frame or rollator as the trolley does not have brakes so it can roll away from you if you are not steady on your feet.