Men’s sandals and how to wear them

For many men, the thought of wearing sandals anywhere but on the beach or on holiday is literally unthinkable. But fashion is moving on and nowadays sandals are becoming more and more common in all areas of our life. As well as being more readily available, men’s sandals can now be found in a range of colours, materials and styles that are suitable for almost every occasion. Clark’s have a great range for you to peruse for inspiration –

However, before you start ditching the shoes, boots and trainers, here’s a few top tips so you can wear your sandals with confidence this summer.

To the beach and on holidayshutterstock_10308322

If you’ve never embraced sandals before then start off by matching them with your swimming trunks and shorts. It’s is an easy style to begin with that won’t make you feel self-conscious. Flip flops, sandals, sliders there’s no end to the different types of sandals you can pair with your swimming trunks! Even though sliders have been around for many years they have, as most things do in fashion, come around once again and have taken the market by storm this year.

With shorts, pretty much anything will look good. If you traditionally match shorts with trainers and moccasins, 2019 could be the year you add a couple of pairs of sandals to your wardrobe!

Casual occasions

Again, probably an easy style to pair sandals with for many. Most men’s jeans will look good with all types of sandals and flip flops but if you fancy a change, go for a light denim wash colour with turn up’s to really give your summer wardrobe a lift. Paired with a casual tee shirt you’ll feel cool and stylish without having to spend a fortune.

Smart casual

shutterstock_784267459Smart casual is always a difficult occasion to gauge, do you put the emphasis on smart or casual? Or add an accessory that can be added to lift a look or removed to make it more casual. Smart casual in most people’s books would mean no ripped jeans, for instance, and for some no jeans. If this is the case and you’re pulling out your favourite pair of chinos but wouldn’t dream of adding sandals, think again. Smart sandals are a great addition to a smart casual outfit and will add a stylish look that most men will be envious of! Be brave, pair the sandals and chino’s and enjoy feeling cool!

If you’re still confused about gauging smart casual this article on Primer Magazine website may help a little –!


Wearing sandals with a suit is not for the faint-hearted and they are certainly not to be worn with your dinner jacket! If you are thinking about wearing sandals with a suit, you will inevitably be dressing your outfit down so beware of the occasion and of the type of sandal you’re thinking about wearing. It can be done, but only with a certain amount of flair and confidence! Leather sandals, not flip flops, may be your best option so you’ll look smart and add a certain amount of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your outfit.

Go on, embrace the world of sandals this summer!