Men’s Fashion Spring/Summer 2020

The warmer weather seems to have encouraged mother nature to bloom early this year as many of us our already seeing the burgeoning bright yellow trumpet heads of daffodils in our gardens. With the warmth of spring just around the corner we’ve decided to take a sneaky look at some of the men’s fashion trends planned for Spring/Summer 2020.


Yes, you really did read that right! Satin was once the material favourite for women back in the 1950’s and it’s made a comeback on the catwalk for men’s fashion this year. The material lends itself to a fluid and glossy look. Don’t be surprised to see all manner of clothing this season made in satin. From overcoats to tailored suits, from elegant shirts to fitted trousers, even for those not wishing to stand out too much there’s something for everyone to try. Visit for inspiration.


Cargo Trousers

The 90’s fashion phenomenon cargo trousers are back this year, but of course with a twist! Forget your boring old canvas trousers, this time round they’re big and billowy with oodles of pockets. You’ll find designs full of slits for more of a statement, tie waists for that perfect pulled in look, made in earthy tones that wouldn’t look out of place in a workwear inspired setting.



Go big, go bold and go translucent! This year the see through look is in and can be achieved from all kinds of different materials. Sheer coats, jackets, shirts and if you’re feeling brave you’ll even find sheer trousers. Look for different materials including mesh and voile.

Oversized Oxford Shirt

If you understand the term ‘preppy’ dressing you’ll know what we mean when we say bag yourself an oversized Oxford shirt! Boat shoes and penny loafers are back with a vengeance as well as blazers and rugby shirts. Throw in your big and baggy Oxford shirt and you’ll certainly be leading the fashion stakes this spring. For more details about how to dress preppy, visit:

Double Denim

Ok it’s dodgy and not for the faint-hearted but it can be done and with the right mix of denim materials and colours it can be a showstopper for all the right reasons. With the right pair of designer jeans and matching shirt or jacket you can wear this look with confidence. If you’re looking for something different try a Japanese streetwear designer who have a wide range of jeans for you to choose from.

Male Model wearing trousers and black vest

Vest Tops

Vest tops for men have always created controversy and have never really been a leading trend. This year however that’s about to change as the vest top has hit the catwalk. You’ll find them in an array of different materials including knits, cotton, mesh and even silk. As for style well that just seems to be anything goes! If your proud of your torso the fitted style will certainly draw attention but for a more relaxed elegant outfit go for the big and blousy, oversized sleeveless shirts which are sure to keep you cool on warm summer evenings.