How to wear your Christmas Jumper 2018

Back in 2012, on Friday 14th December, the Save The Children charity ( launched its first Christmas Jumper Day. Since then this popular annual event has raised over £4 million. This year it will once again be held on Friday 14th December.

shutterstock_1218175639Taking part is easy, all you need do is don a Christmas jumper (homemade or shop brought), donate £2 to the charity and wear your jumper with pride all day, be that work, school, your home or an evening out!

So now you know how to join in the Christmas Jumper merriment, how do you make the most of wearing your jumper with pride? Here we have a few top tips on how you can dress your jumper up or down to help you get the best out of your outfit this year.

The Jumper!

The ‘Christmas Jumper’ has risen in popularity since the launch back in 2012. Notoriously, Christmas jumpers were the hideous monstrosities that your granny knitted with wool from all kinds of old knitted clothes. Ok they may not have been quite that bad, but you get the picture. Nowadays the Christmas jumper has become a bit of a fashion statement. You can now buy jumpers with slogans, jumpers that flash and jumpers that have all sorts of cartoon gimmicks on them. This year the charity has also included ‘please wear responsibly’ to their campaign. The tongue in cheek adverts show a dentist wearing a jumper with a protruding carrot hovering over his patients face and another with a gym instructor sweating profusely in a jumper whilst taking a spin class! The moral of the story is to choose your Christmas Jumper wisely.

Styling for Maximum Attentionshutterstock_1215026467
So now you’ve chosen your jumper you’ll need to choose what to wear on your bottom half. A Christmas Jumper is normally the whole focal point of the outfit, worn as a statement. With this in mind, men should wear a buttoned-down shirt underneath that’s buttoned to the top. Make sure you opt for a plain white or neutral colour. Ladies can easily wear a t-shirt underneath if they think the jumper may be a bit itchy! Pair with some slim fit jeans – Edwin has a great range of men’s jeans in their Autumn/Winter collection – or neutral chino’s to really make the vibrancy of your jumper stand out. For those that like to accessorise, why not add some tinsel decorations to hair do’s and some flashing Christmas earrings?

Subtle is good too

If you’d prefer to make your contribution less obvious, why not go for the Fair Isle option. The Fair Isle jumper has made a comeback in recent years and is now a trendy fashion statement regardless of Christmas Jumper Day! For those wishing to be subtle, choose neutral tones in the design and wear darker trousers. You can also wear a blazer or tweed suit jacket over your jumper to add an air of elegance and sophistication. If you’re intrigued as me as to where the Fair Isle jumper comes from and why it’s so iconic, follow this link to the BBC website: