How to keep your denim jeans in tip top condition

You may think that knowing when to wash your jeans is obvious, but if you’re the proud owner of a beautiful designer pair of jeans such as this seasons denim from Edwin Europe, you should probably pay more attention to how often you wash your jeans.

If you conducted a straw poll, you would probably find that generally people fall into two camps – those who wash regularly i.e. after every wear and those who think denim shouldn’t be washed and will leave washing their jeans until they walk into the washing machine themselves!

Here’s our top tips on how to keep your jeans looking as good as they did the day you brought them home.


If you can’t bear the thought of not washing them frequently, try washing them once a week and then reduce to fortnightly. The reason for the infrequent washing is simple, jeans really do look better when they are washed less. If your favourite piece of denim sees the washing machine on a regular basis, you’re in danger of fading your denim and losing the look you spent your money on getting in the first place.

When they are destined for the washing machine make sure you read the label carefully and follow the instructions. It’s easy to include them in your normal wash but some jeans should be washed on their own as the dye can run. Pay attention to the temperature as some labels may suggest you wash on a cool cycle:

Before you wash, make sure you do up all the buttons and zips and turn them inside out as this can help reduce colour loss and will also protect the material on the right side from any snagging or abrasion damage when they are in the machine. If you are washing your jeans with other items, make sure you don’t overload your machine to help reduce creasing. You should also use a detergent that is gentle and specifically for dark colours, to help protect your jeans from fading as much as possible.


Once the cycle has finished, turn your jeans the right way out and pull them into the right shape. Avoid tumble drying as this can cause shrinking. If you can, lay your jeans out flat to dry on an airer. If you don’t have an airer, you may find the Independent’s reviews of the best airers on the market helpful:


If you’re happy wearing your jeans without ironing, then do! But if you can’t bear the thought of wearing slightly creased jeans then make sure you follow these simple rules. Read the label thoroughly to ensure you know if there are any restrictions. If not, turn your pockets inside out and set your iron to a high heat with the steam setting on. If your jeans aren’t made from pure cotton a high heat setting may damage them which is why it is vital you read your label first. It’s also advisable to not place the iron directly on your jeans but to use a soft cotton cloth between the iron and the jeans to protect them. Firstly, iron the pocket material, then lie your jeans flat, match the seams and iron on both sides. Lastly finish with the waistband.

We hope you enjoy your favourite pair of jeans for years to come!