How to keep fit with limited mobility

shutterstock_782135698Regardless of how old we are, it has been proven that participating in physical activities has many more benefits than just the obvious one of keeping fit. Increasing our physical activity is great for our mental wellbeing and also helps reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

To help our ageing population, councils around the UK have bought in programmes to help not only older people but those with physical disabilities become more active. In West Berkshire, a programme called Ever Active has been introduced that has a variety of activities for people to take part in depending on their mobility. If you’d like to find out more you can follow this link:

For those people who have limited mobility no matter how old they are, there are lots of things you can do to help you get around both inside and outside the home. For instance, if your stairs at home are becoming more difficult to manage, rather than moving to a bungalow there are companies who can install stairlifts in Newbury and the surrounding areas to bring back some of your independence. If walking distances are now a struggle why not look at mobility scooters to help you get out and about.

But no matter what your level of mobility there are lots of different levels of fitness you can enjoy. Here’s a quick guideline to some that are run by Ever Active.


Yoga is a great activity that most people can take part in at some level. It is an ancient form of exercise focusing on breathing, strength, flexibility to boost mental and physical wellness. It can also help reduce high blood pressure, back pain, stress, as well as other conditions. Yoga helps to exercise not only the body by creating certain postures that help with balance, flexibility and strength but also exercises the mind using breathing and meditation techniques. You can read more about Yoga and it’s health benefits by visiting the NHW website:

Chair-based Exerciseshutterstock_450462175

For anyone that feels unsteady on their feet or has limited mobility, a chair-based exercise class will be a great way for you to participate in activity and meet new people. All of the exercises are performed at a level to suit your needs so you will never feel left out.

Walking Netball

If you used to play netball but no longer have the strength or flexibility to play the standard game now, walking netball is a great way to get back into the game without causing yourself a mischief! It’s a much slower version of the game where players do not run with the ball. Even if you have never played netball before, it’s a great activity that will help with strength, balance and is of course a great team game.

Zumba Gold

If you’ve always love dance but now find the original Zumba classes too fast-paced, why not try Zumba Gold instead? Focusing on balance, motion and co-ordination, you’ll recognise many of the moves and if you have never tried Zumba before the easy to follow choreography will soon have you ‘Zumbaring’ the night away.