How to boss a pair of sandals for Summer 2020

For men, wearing sandals is a complete no, no. The mere mention of the word sandals for many results in a cold sweat, as images we’d long since hoped to forget of our dad’s wearing socks and sandals whilst donning a handkerchief as a hat resurface in our minds eye. It definitely wasn’t cool then and it certainly isn’t cool now.

The good news is that men’s fashion has moved on and today’s range of sandals for men not only look good but can be worn with a whole array of outfits and more importantly to a variety of occasions rather than just for the beach.


Before we look at just how you can look great in a pair of sandals it’s important to scrub up your feet and get them looking presentable before putting them out there for the whole world to see! First, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes or so and then scrub your nails to remove any dirt. You should keep your toenails trim and cut them straight across to avoid ingrowing toenails. If you have hard skin use a hard skin file or pumice stone, to remove any dead skin and then slather your feet in moisturiser, preferably leaving the lotion on overnight. You may want to do this a couple of times before putting your toes on show. Visit Expert Reviews to see some of the best foot moisturisers on the market at the moment:

From sliders to hiking-style sandals, from espadrille’s to Birkenstocks, here’s a few ideas of what to wear when sporting a pair of sandals, or ‘mandals’ as they have now affectionately become known, for Summer 2020.

Style with suit separates

Ok this may be a bit extreme for some of you so if you’re unsure leave this one whilst you get to used to wearing sandals. Once probably seen as a fashion faux pas, sandals and suits are now an acceptable pairing when worn correctly. Ensure you never ever add socks, stating the obvious maybe, but it’s better to state than not. A great look is matching the colour of your sandals with the colour of your trousers to keep a clean line. Style with a cool linen white shirt and blazer for an outfit that can be worn as smart or casual.

sandals 2

Chinos and Jeans

Sandals are on easy pairing with both chinos and mens designer jeans. There are many different styles of sandals you can wear that work well with both outfits. And of course, both options can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A simple t-shirt can be married with both and if you’re heading to the pub why not ease your feet into a pair of strappy ‘mandals’ to keep you cool. On the other hand, if you’re planning a commute into the city and sandals are an acceptable form of workwear, then a lovely chunky Birkenstock will complete your look. Visit the following website to read Birkenstock reviews:

Be bold, be brave and get your feet out this summer. Even if you start with a pair of sliders of flip flops to wear around the pool or around the garden, you’ll soon get used to the freedom mandals will give your feet.