Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2019

We may be in the depths of winter but those in the fashion world will now be focusing on next autumn whilst we haven’t even bought our spring and summer outfits for 2019. If you’re planning a new wardrobe for the light evenings and sunny days, here’s a quick peek at what you may be wearing.


Hats are in again this year but using lighter materials in an array of colours, prints, patterns and statements. Be big, be bold seems to be the call of the catwalk! From veiled hats and bucket designs to bee keepers and wide brim hats, there’s certainly a plethora of styles to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that suits your face shape. No matter what shape, design or colour you go for, make sure you wear your hat with pride!

Tie Dye

A resurgence of the 60’s print seems very much back in fashion this year. From subtle accessories to bold matching two-piece sets, tie dye is back on the catwalk! The new style and approach, however, is a lot smarter and tasteful then perhaps the first time it came into fashion. You can even create your own style and outfit by tie dying yourself! To find out how, follow this link:


Sequins are pretty much always in and around the fashionistas, some years are subtler than others but for 2019 it seems to be hitting the boutiques loudly and proudly. From embellished floor length dresses to the subtle approach of a beaded jumpsuit, there’s plenty of options no matter what your taste. The glitz is back, so why not add some glamour!

Denim Trends

shutterstock_1127019758Denim, no matter if its spring, summer, autumn or winter is always in fashion. However, this year finally, it seems the denim design houses are at long last moving away from the stale skinny jean look and introducing a whole new range for us to enjoy. Buttons are very much in this year and you’ll find designers won’t hold back. If you fancy showing a little leg, then opt for a cut out flare or high split jeans. The mismatched look is also back where two types of denim are added to create one piece, certainly not for the faint hearted. For men’s jeans, the dad jeans look is very much here to stay!

Shoulder Puffs

Many of us grimace as we remember the padded and puffed shoulders of the 1980’s but slowly the look is being reworked. Last season saw the revival of the padded shoulders giving an outfit a bold look. This season puffed shoulders are the name of the game. Material is gathered using elastic and used on dresses that have square necklines for maximum affect. Of course, you’ll need to plan your outfit appropriately as jackets and coats could be quite difficult to wear over the top.


For men, in particular, clothes with storage space seem to be the design of the day. Those much-needed essentials such as your iPhone, wallet, sunglasses, passport, I.D. and AirPods all need a home, and clothes that offer storage seem to be this seasons answer to the man bag. Visit the Vogue website for details on what’s trending for men in 2019: