Edwin – To Double Denim or Not!

In 2001, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (who were dating at the time) both wore denim on denim outfits that sadly fell somewhat short of creating a fashion statement. With hindsight they did make a fashion statement but for all the wrong reasons. If you can’t remember what was worn on that fateful evening just follow this link –https://www.crfashionbook.com/celebrity/a13761474/remember-when-britney-spears-justin-timberlake-denim/
The fashion faux pas happened at the American Music Awards and quickly became a look that other celebrities quickly avoided!

shutterstock_528198658However, denim on denim does not have to be a fashion disaster and when worn correctly and tastefully it can be a great look that turn heads.
If you’re planning a denim look this summer here’s a quick round up of how to wear your denim and what with.

Before going straight for the dark double denim look, it may be best to start with ‘less is more’. Go for complete opposite’s so it’s not so obvious that you’re wearing double denim. Maybe white jeans and a denim jacket, or even try matching different shades together.

Whatever you do, don’t denim accessorise. No matching handbags and man-bags, hairbands and scarves, and as for denim shoes and sandals, it’s just a simple no.

And whilst we’re on the subject of accessories, avoid all things cowboy related, including bolo ties, western belts, cowboy hats and cowboy boots. You really don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of a western movie!

Denim is a wonderful material which you can use to hide any body parts you’re not so keen on and accentuate those you like! Lighter denim can help emphasise parts that you’d like to show off and dark denim can be used as a slimming effect. For instance, dark denim jeans can be used to lengthen legs and slim thighs and light denim worn as a jacket can be very flattering for the fuller figure.shutterstock_112231967

The next question is do we distress or not! Well in our book ripped jeans or shorts create a great denim on denim look, so go all out and don those ripped jeans. EDWIN jeans have a great range of both men’s and women’s jeans which include various ripped and distressed ranges.
One of the best looks we’ve found is when the double denim look is glammed up. Adding statement heels, a striking lipstick, a stunning jacket or a designer handbag can really add glamour to your overall look.

If you’re still in doubt about whether you’ve got your denim on denim look right or wrong, a quick check in the mirror should be all you need. If you’re still unsure, visualise that iconic image of Justin and Britney, you’ll soon know if you’re got it right.
For more great top tips and how to make your denim look come alive, visit Glamour Magazine who have some great ideas of what to wear: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/gallery/everyones-wearingdouble-denim.