Dressing to stay cool in the heat

With the UK enjoying rising temperatures, it can be difficult to keep cool in the heat especially when its late spring and summer wardrobes are not yet out in force.

Here’s a few top tips on what to wear this summer to keep you from getting hot under the collar!

Lighter colour clothesshutterstock_467644097

Dark colours naturally absorb more light so sticking to light colours will help you keep cool as they repel light. Beiges, pastels and shades of white are all good choices and with the summer fashion season in full swing you’ll be able to find lots of pieces of light-coloured clothing in the shops.

Choose your material

Choosing clothing that is breathable will really help when the thermometers start rising. Cotton, linen and jersey are fabrics that will help your body breathe and reduce the chances of sweating. Shirts, blouses, shorts and dresses can all be found in these materials and will help you keep cool during the day. Avoid anything made from polyester, silk and nylon. These materials are not breathable and will cause you to sweat and will also retain body odours. Be aware that even though an item of clothing may appear light in colour and weight, it may have hidden elements that won’t help you stay cool. Men’s jackets and blazers often have a lining which is often made of polyester or silk. Choose unlined jackets instead and as much as some of us hate the linen look it really is a material that lends itself in summer.

Cool styles and cuts

The style and cut of your outfit can also help you to remain cool. Close fitting styles won’t let air circulate around your body, trapping the heat in. Loose fitting clothes will let your body breathe and capture a layer of air between you skin and your clothing. For ladies, A-line dresses are a great choice, or if your conscious about how much skin you have exposed, go for a sleeveless dress with a high neck. Flared cropped trousers are also a good choice for ladies and for a lightweight alternative to replace men’s jeans, chino’s are a great option to keep the heat at bay.


shutterstock_726012727If you’re out in the sun, make sure you apply suntan lotion to avoid your skin burning. Visit the NHS website for further advice – https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/sunscreen-and-sun-safety/

Sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes and to avoid the glare of the sun, make sure they have the seal of approval with the CE mark. Follow this link for more information – https://www.allaboutvision.com/faq/sunglasses.htm
A hat with a brim will also keep the sun out of your eyes and the sun off your face and neck to help protect you from sunstroke. Choosing the right footwear during these hot periods will also help keep your feet cool and comfortable. Feet that get hot and sweaty tend to swell causing shoes to rub and smell. Choose footwear that’s made from breathable materials like canvas or cotton. Non-breathable materials include leather, rubber and man-made materials. Open toe sandals or stylish flip flops will help your feet stay fresh and comfortable.