Best Men’s Jeans Brands

With the lovely warm summer evenings over and autumn advancing fast, it can be a depressing time of year. But with Christmas just a few weeks away and Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner, there’s plenty of celebrations to look forward to, to get you out and about.

But is your wardrobe ready for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season? This week’s we’ve focused on men’s jeans, quite simply because they are so versatile, and a good pair will stand you in good stead no matter what the occasion.

If you’re looking for a new pair here’s a low down on some of the top brand names for you to consider.

Calvin Kleinshutterstock_205152586

Originally found in 1968 by designer Calvin Klein and his friend Barry K. Schwartz, the brand Calvin Klein first sold coats and dresses. During the 1970’s the collections for both men and women were expanded. In 1978 it’s estimated that sales reached 200,000 in the first week of his famous branded jeans hitting the market. The brand, although nearly facing bankruptcy in the 1990’s, is today very relevant and desired by many, hence why their lines of clothing also include many affordable items to reach out not just to celebrities. To view all their products which also include underwear, perfume, bags visit their website:


The Wrangler jeans line began in the 1940’s when the manufacturing company Blue Bell acquired the Casey Jones Work-Clothes Company which had a seldom used brand line called Wrangler. They hired a famous tailor called Rodeo Ben and their focus became creating jeans for working cowboys. The brand expanded their lines and as a result, throughout the 1990’s, in America for every 5 pairs of jeans sold, 1 pair would be Wranglers. Now deemed as one of the most trusted denim brands, Wrangler are not only worn by farm workers and labourers but to the office, in school and for any occasion. You can read more about the history of Wrangler by following this link –


Levi’s can be dated back to 1853 and is still going strong. The brand may have faced difficult times in the past but with the introduction of Chip Bergh, who was hired in 2011 as CEO, the company is now going from strength to strength. A worldwide brand, Levi’s is probably most famous for being known as the chosen jean choice for American cowboys. The most popular style is probably the 501’s, which has a straight leg cut and has a regular fit.



EDWIN was created in 1947 in Japan by Mr Tsunemi. At the time denim was not manufactured in Japan and so Mr Tsunemi started to import denim from America. It wasn’t long however, before denim was manufactured in Japan but it was lacking quality and cost a lot to make. Through perseverance the brand went from strength to strength and revolutionised the denim industry through its invention of stone washing, which has had a huge influence on every denim manufacturer since. EDWIN is a high quality brand of men’s jeans and has recently expanded to include a range of clothes for women. They are designed to last for years and will develop an interesting patina over time.