The best drainage systems for your shower and wet room

Thanks to the Internet, more of us are willing to try our hand at DIY than ever before. It’s much cheaper than hiring a professional plus videos are great at showing you exactly what you need to do.

Even Ideal Homes has written an essential guide for installing a wet room in your home, follow the link to find out more –

But before you get started and start ordering your wet room furniture, your first job however is to decide on the best drainage system for your needs. Mind you it’d hard not to get excited when you see such great ideas like these from Victorian Plumbing –


If you’re looking for a drainage system that’s precision engineered and offers high performance, aluminium is the way to go. While the quality of products will naturally vary depending on where you purchase them from, generally, you can expect the following benefits from an aluminium drainage system:


  • They’re ideal to install in all types of solid and suspended floor constructions
  • They’re suited to tiled or flexible sheet floor applications
  • It’s lightweight, durable and won’t corrode
  • 100% recyclable
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low maintenance and hygienic

Antimicrobial ABS Plastic

This type of drainage system is ideal for installations where hygiene is a primary concern. Innovative design features include an easy-clean cap and fast-flow trap – both of which reduce the build-up of dirt and control bacteria growth.

Other benefits of this system include:

  • Security fixtures to prevent unauthorised removal of caps and grates
  • Impact-resistant drain bodies with under-ribbed flange for extra strength
  • ABS plastic is non-toxic and 100% recyclable
  • Quick and easy to install

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular option when it comes to drainage systems for showers and wet rooms. Here are just a few of the reasons why this is:

  • It’s suitable for tiled and vinyl floor installations
  • It’s can be used in all types of bathrooms and wet room designs for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Well-suited to projects where a shallow depth outlet is required
  • You have a choice of horizontal and vertical outlets
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • High flow rate performance
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain

Channel Drains

Channel drains offer a practical yet stylish option when it comes to wet room and shower drainage. As well as meeting the practical, aesthetic and functional demands of your contemporary bathroom, other benefits of this system include:


  • Suitable for use with high volume shower heads
  • Some systems are reversible to allow for tiling to co-ordinate with your bathroom
  • Quick and easy to install with both vertical and lateral adjustments available
  • 100% recyclable and non-toxic
  • Secure and robust
  • Adjustable linear shower drain depth to cope with various floor applications

Linearis Gulley

 This type of drainage system is available in a range of designs to suit individual bathrooms and is popular because it adds a touch of luxury to any wet room. Other benefits include:

  • Recessed cover for tiling
  • Suitable for use with high volume shower heads
  • Non-toxic and 100% recyclable
  • Quick and easy to install – comes with a 360˚ adjustable cover with vertical and lateral movement for ease of installation
  • Fully accessible for maintenance
  • Removable trap
  • Adjustable for different tile thicknesses

Drainage companies like Harmer Drainage ( offer plenty of advice and practical solutions so make sure you discuss your needs and requirements in full before taking the plunge!