Property valuations

With the internet at our fingertips and high street estate agents competing with online estate agents when you want to get your property valued how do you know which route to take for the best?

Here we explore some of the ways that you can now get your property valued and look at some of the pro’s and con’s.

Your local estate agentshutterstock_534365305

A property valuation undertaken by your local estate agent is likely to be free of charge and without any obligations. The benefit of having a local estate agent value your property is that they will be physically present to walk through your home and inspect it first-hand. They can delve into cupboards, look at your appliances, notice the high standard finishing touches you may have added, all in all a thorough investigation. Of course, this may also have the opposite effect as they will also notice any damp issues you may have or how tired your bathroom is looking for instance. The other advantage of using a local estate agent is that they will know your local area and will have a good idea of how the market has been performing. If you are planning on going down this route it’s always best to have several valuations to see how they compare.

Online property valuation

Online estate agents are now being used more widely and they normally offer two different approaches of getting your house valued. Most of the online agents use a local estate agent to conduct the valuation in person for them, so theoretically you’re getting the benefit of the services above. The other way is to actually value your home using their property valuation tool. Zoopla have a great tool that will give you an instant valuation. Visit their website for further details:

When it comes to selling however, online agents can have a very different marketing approach which is reflected in their charges. They have a very hands off approach when it comes to arranging viewings, leaving the whole process for you to manage. Of course, this again has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’d rather someone else dealt with everything for you, this option won’t work for you. But if you’re looking to save costs and don’t mind arranging viewings and meeting people yourself, then this will be perfect for you.

Using online historical sold pricesshutterstock_400680349

If you’d rather not discuss your plans with anyone now, you can use historical data that can be accessed online. You’ll be able to find out which properties have been sold, when and for how much. The data is completely accurate as it is from the Land Registry and Registers of Scotland. You can follow this link to the Rightmove tool:

Finally, if you are looking to move and sell your property, it’s always best to declutter and give your home a quick spruce up. But don’t spend a fortune on redecorating or re-carpeting – unless of course it really is in dire need of it – as whoever you sell to will invariably want to put their own stamp on the property when they move in.