Keeping warm with a winter wardrobe

shutterstock_355581968Winter may still be a couple months away but the sudden drop in temperature certainly has left us feeling the chill. Whether you’re thinking about hitting the shops to prepare your winter wardrobe or you’re already keen to layer up with jumpers, below are some great ways you can use fashion to keep yourself warm.

Wear tights

Tights are a women’s best friend during the colder months because they allow you to carry on wearing all your favourite items whilst keeping warm. Thick black tights under a skirt or dress still look smart and professional and you don’t have to worry about your legs freezing. If you don’t like the look of black tights, opt for clear tights – they may not be as thick but they will still add an extra layer which will keep you warmer.

The best way to keep warm when it’s cold outside is through layering so an extra tip is to wear tights under your trousers. Nobody will ever know and you can guarantee your legs will stay nice and toasty.

Dress in heavy fabrics

In the summer we naturally opt for light and airy garments as they help to keep us cool. In winter, do the complete opposite and look for heavy fabrics as they offer a lot more protection from the cold.

A couple of great ideas include anything made from denim or wool. The benefit of these materials is that they’re incredibly versatile. Denim for example can be worn as trousers, shirts and of course, a jacket.


The key to keeping warm in winter is to accessorise and we don’t mean with jewellery. Adding a hat, scarf and gloves to your wardrobe can make a huge difference to how warm you are.

We lose a lot of heat through our heads for example which is why hats make such a great winter accessory. With so many different varieties on the market you don’t have to worry about looking silly either because you can guarantee that you’ll find something to suit your style. If hats really aren’t your thing, you could opt for earmuffs as there’s nothing worse than having freezing cold ears.

Invest in a good quality coat shutterstock_250866295

This is possibly the most important item in your wardrobe during the winter months because it’s your main form of protection when you’re outside and away from the central heating.

It may even be worth investing in two coats for winter – one smart one for important meetings and nights out and another more practical one for the weekends.

When it comes to practicality, a good winter jacket should contain thick insulation so that your body stays warm even when you’re not doing anything particularly active. A waterproof outer shell not only adds an extra layer but will also keep you dry in the event of rain or snow. Naturally, this will help to keep you much warmer than you would be if you were soaked through.

When it comes to choosing a smart winter jacket, go for a thick wool material as this will do the best possible job of keeping you warm. If you can, look for a coat with a funnel neck because it provides extra protection for your neck and can help to keep any breezes out.