Home maintenance jobs for the changing seasons

As much as us Brits moan about our weather the one thing we do have is four distinct seasons which for many of us across the island are very glad to see. From warm summer days where temperatures in recent years have soared to 30 degrees, to icy cold winters where temperatures can regularly drop below freezing, it’s no wonder we are perpetually fascinated by the weather.

As much as it is lovely having the changing seasons, the weather does bring problems with it. From staying warm and keeping cool, especially for the elderly and sick, can be life threatening and of course icy or wet conditions can make it hazardous under foot for everyone.

shutterstock_114249007Not only do the elements make it difficult for us to go about our daily business; the changing seasons also bring challenges to our properties. Maintaining our homes so that they can withstand the changing seasons is as important as staying warm on cold winter nights.

Now autumn is in full swing here’s a reminder of the some of the jobs you should carry out in and around your home before the icy grip of winter is upon us.


Autumn Leaves

Leaves, leaves, everywhere! Although we have had lots of rain recently, we haven’t yet had a lot of windy weather, so the autumnal leaves are still changing colour on the trees. But as soon as the wind picks up you can bet your bottom dollar that our paths and driveways will be littered with leaves. Autumn leaves, as beautiful as they are, can cause all sorts of problems. Leaves can cause huge issues with your property’s guttering, clogging them up and stopping rainwater draining away. As they accumulate in your gutters, they cause blockages and put extra weight and pressure on your guttering system. Even the hardiest of cast iron gutters can block if the debris not removed.

Additionally, if rainwater starts pooling in your gutters it can cause your pipes to overflow and drip down your exterior walls. If you have a damp smell in your property or have seen damp patches appear on your walls, you may want to check your gutters as a matter of urgency.

Leaves can also be very dangerous if they are left on your paths and driveways. As soon as they become wet, they are notoriously slippy, so it’s best to get them swept up and either recycled or put on the bonfire.

Snow and Ice

shutterstock_244125115As the weather starts turning colder it’s a good idea to check any pipes that are exposed to the elements to make sure they are fully insulated. If you have an outside tap it’s best to turn the tap off inside and then lag the tap to make sure any residual water doesn’t freeze. Frozen pipes can cause a myriad of problems so make sure you check thoroughly and know what to do in case you do end up with a burst pipe. Visit this website for some handy tips: https://www.britishgas.co.uk/the-source/weather-ready/preparing-you-for-cold-weather/what-to-do-if-you-have-a-frozen-or-burst-pipe

Ice and snow can turn roads and paths into skating rinks so if you’re out and about take extra precautions and if travelling in a car make sure you have some essential items with you in case you get stranded. The AA website has a check-list you can view by following the link: https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/seasonal/winter-checklist