First Christmas in your New Home

Christmas is an exciting time of year regardless of whether it is your first in your new home. But if this is your first in your new property, here’s some top tips to help you make the most of your new surroundings.

For many of us when viewing a property for the first time with your local estate agents, you probably won’t have thought about where you Christmas tree will go! Now you’ve moved in, you will be able to appreciate the space better. If you’re unsure about where to put it, try visualising it in several different areas before you start moving your furniture around. The most obvious place may not be the best, especially if you don’t have any plug sockets nearby. Also keep in mind the size of tree you are likely to have as this could limit the choices you have.


Say yes to the oldies! If this is your first home you probably haven’t built up a Christmas decorations box yet, so if you’re offered some old decorations from grandparents etc, make sure you say yes! Older styled decorations are having a resurgence, so whilst some may only be fit for the bin, you may also find some hidden gems. If you need to buy new, look out for deals and offers to bring your costs down. As tempting as it is to go to town, remember that you can build your stash each year and if you buy in the sales the prices will be reduced.


If you’re planning a house warming party maybe combined with a Christmas party, make sure you plan and prepare well in advance. If you’re inviting large numbers make sure you have enough space for everyone to mingle and circulate. Plan an area for drinks and glasses so that people aren’t constantly coming in and out of the kitchen area which you may need for food preparation. Tell people to top themselves up so you don’t have to keep checking if people need more drinks. If you’re catering for a large number, finger food may be a better option than food which requires a knife and fork. Make sure you have willing volunteers to help carry food and clear plates away. Disposable, recycling plates and serviettes will help keep the detritus to a minimum, Little Cherry have a lovely range that are practical, stylish and eco-friendly:

Style, colour and redecoratingshutterstock_745659289

Be aware of the type of property you’ve bought so your decorations can be sympathetic to its character. Traditional decorations and a real tree for instance may suit an older property more so that a pink artificial tree and disco ball decorations. If you had to do a lot of work on your property when you moved in, bear in mind that new plaster can take up to 12 months for it to dry out completely before you start hanging heavy wall decorations up. You can get further advice from the DIY Doctor’s website: Before you start banging nails and hooks into your walls make sure they can be concealed for the remainder of the year so they don’t spoil your newly redecorated walls.

Happy Christmas one and all!