Don’t ignore your building’s gutters!

Cleaning your own domestic property’s gutters can be an arduous chore and commercial buildings offer an even greater challenge especially if you’re office premises have more than two floors.

Thankfully commercial cleaning companies with specialised equipment will not only clean your office windows but will also clean and maintain your gutters.

The HSE website explains the Health & Safety requirements when this kind of equipment is used, to safeguard both the operators and the company:

Gutter maintenance however doesn’t come cheaply so exactly why should you pay for these additional costs? Here we find out the whys and wherefores of why keeping your gutters healthy will save you time and money in the long run.

Keeping your building structurally sound

It may sound dramatic but leaking gutters can have a profound impact on your buildings structure. When water leaks through even the smallest of cracks it can seep into walls and cavities which if left untreated can cause huge problems to your buildings structure. Unfortunately, the law of gravity will ensure that water, where possible, will find a way down, so not only will your buildings structure suffer but if the excess water then pools on the ground you could also be at risk of damaging the foundations of your building.

If you have ever viewed a domestic property which has had damp you will probably have a memory of the horrible smell that lingers when damp is present. Blocked gutters can actually be the primary cause of damp issues in buildings. If your gutters are damaged or blocked the resulting accumulation of water will find an alternative route to ground which will cause issues as discussed above. If your building ends up with damp you will also have to ensure the damp is treated correctly and hasn’t caused any other issues.

Unwanted visitors

Unfortunately, where there’s damp a plethora of uninvited critters and creatures will move in as they love damp conditions. From rats and mice to wood destroying insects and mosquito’s, you’ll certainly find yourself living amongst a menagerie if you don’t resolve your leaking water issues! If the damp has got this bad you will also have to employ the services of a pest control company like Rentokil ( to remove the infestation once the damp is under control

Time and money

Even though the costs may seem high for employing the services of a gutter maintenance company, when you look at the potential costs of when things go wrong the costs are actually quite negligible. A gshutterstock_450832435ood maintenance company will also forewarn you when things are beginning to look weather worn or tired, so you can buy new parts from a reputable company like Alumasc to ensure your gutters are kept in great shape. Of course, with everything time is money, so the less time you spend on having to resolve your gutter issues the more time you can spend on your business and making more money!