Choosing the perfect enclosure for your Hot Tub

shutterstock_21637612If you’re in the process of buying a hot tub you’ll know just how many things you need to consider before making your final purchase. From how many seats it should have to technical features such as number of jets and lighting, it’s certainly not a purchase to be taken lightly.

However, once you have your hot tub fully installed you and your family will not only enjoy relaxing but your health and well-being will also benefit and here’s why:

You may think that once you’ve bought your hot tub that all your decisions are over, but you should consider one final element and that’s a hot tub enclosure. It may sound silly, but this can often be overlooked in all the excitement of actually buying the hot tub!

Any good hot tub retailer will discuss this with you throughout your hot tub purchase but if you are buying second-hand or online you may not have be given any advice. If you are not buying your hot tub through a reputable dealer always err on the side of caution to ensure that the offer is legitimate. You should be able to research the company thoroughly and also read reviews from previous purchasers but please do be careful. If a deal seems to good to be real it sadly often is.

Of course, not everyone likes to put an enclosure around their hot tub, they prefer the ‘open to the elements’ approach but if you’d prefer to blend your hot tub into your surroundings at home you may wish to consider an enclosure.

Here’s a few options you may want to consider.


If you’d like to have a temporary shelter for your hot tub you may want to consider erecting a portable gazebo over your hot tub. This will help protect you from direct sunlight and rain, but you may want to take it down throughout the winter months if it has not been put up well enough to survive fierce winter storms. Amazon has a few options which you can view by following this link:


Privacy screens will make your hot tub area more private, preventing nosy neighbours staring in. Lattice fencing is a great option if you need a little privacy. They look lovely and they are extremely versatile as they can be half height, full height, just added on one side or even to almost fully enclose your hot tub. Lattice fencing will also let the air circulate around your hot tub. You can also grow climbing plants up your fencing to add colour and warmth to your new relaxing space.

Partial Shade

Partial shade is great for those who don’t wish to be in the sunlight all day and again adds a certain amount of privacy. A pergola is a great structure to achieve this as you can have as much solid structure in the roof to keep the sun and rain away and then use lattice sides or solid panels around the sides.

No matter which enclosure you decide on make sure you seek the advice of a professional company to ensure you get the best from your hot tub.