Benefits of buying a Hot Tub Enclosure

If you are thinking of buying a hot tub or have already purchased one it is worth investing in a hot tub enclosure so that you can enjoy your hot tub all year round. As we are approaching the colder months owning a hot tub enclosure enables you to use your hot tub whatever the weather.

We’ve listed below some of the benefits of having a hot tub enclosure will bring to you and your garden.


In the winter months there is nothing better than warming yourself up by soaking in your warm hot tub, but factors like rain and snow can affect this from happening. If you find that the weather stops you from enjoying your hot tub, investing in a hot tub enclosure can resolve this problem by protecting you from the elements.

Hot Tub Enclosure Options

It is important to find the right enclosure for you; firstly, you need to make sure you like the way it looks and the way it fits in your garden or patio. Choosing a wooden gazebo will give you privacy and protect you from all weather conditions, which will allow you to enjoy your hot tub in any season. This type of enclosure has an attractive exterior, and range in shape, size and price.

Another option is a gazebo with a skylight, alike the wooden gazebo this enclosure protects you from bad weather. The skylight is a great addition to the enclosure because whilst relaxing in your hot tub, you can watch the clouds or stars above, keeping you connected with the world outside. There are also certain types of gazebo enclosures that have a bar, perfect for when you host parties or family gatherings. This ensures that everyone will be able to make great use of the enclosure whether they are in the hot tub or not.

If you are still in doubt about buying a permanent hot tub enclosure, buying a temporary one first will let you find out if having one is the right option for you. Temporary enclosures are light weight structures which snap and bolt together and are made from a waterproof material. They offer shade, but as they are normally open sided this does not prevent you from the weather. A side spa umbrella could be a better alternative as they are cheaper, provide shade and are easy to pack away if the weather turns drastically. The Amazon website has a range of products you can browse:

If you’re waiting for delivery of your hot tub and enclosure, make sure you choose the right place in your garden for them. Most people find that placing them near the house or in private part of the garden works best. As most hot tub enclosures have solid side walls, or adjustable walls it allows you to still make the most of your garden and provides privacy from any nosy neighbours.


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