Bathroom Trends for 2019

We all know January can be a dull and gloomy time of the year so if you’re looking for new projects for 2019, why not start planning a luxury bathroom renovation! Bathroom designs for 2019 have a whole new range of new concepts and ideas which are stepping away from the traditional approaches.

If you’re looking for a fun, fresh and totally new look, here’s some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Statement Wall

shutterstock_700667437If you’re used to having paint or tiles on your bathroom walls, why not add some colour and fun and create a statement wall with some bright vibrant wall paper. Even in a bathroom, wall paper can still be used, just make sure you don’t use it around the shower, bath and sink areas and try sealing the paper with a matt decorator’s varnish. For inspiration visit the Graham Brown website as they have a lovely range of bathroom wall paper designs for you to peruse:

Expose your fittings

In recent times hardware and pipes have very much been hidden behind walls or encased in units and bespoke cupboards. However, this trend is now on the turn and designers are opting for exposing hardware and pipes. Older properties often had exposed pipework but more often than not, it looked cumbersome and ugly. If you’re planning on leaving everything revealed, pipes and hardware can now be bought in elegant and sleek designs.

One material or colour

Designing a bathroom that will still hold its appeal in 10 years’ time can be quite difficult but can be achieved. To keep a modern look keep it simple by using either one colour of just one material and your bathroom will remain stylish and on point for years to come. Choose light colours such as greys or whites and then add a splash of colour with accessories.

Statement pieces

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a room that’s excluded from making a statement about you and your personality. 2019 is all about injecting something that’s personal and unique to you. Mirrors don’t have to be boring and flat, instead choose something that stands out and creates a focal point. Or why not add a show-stopping feature such as a sophisticated piece of fine art to your walls, or if you have the space why not add a statue or if that’s a little too much a floor mosaic would be a great feature in the room.

Metallic finishes

shutterstock_1068059717Chrome has been the in look for such a long time it’s hard to think of designing a bathroom in anything else. However, 2019 is offering a whole new range of metallic finishes that are slowly but surely becoming more popular. Pewter and gunmetal are worth considering as they aren’t as harsh as black. Brass and gold are also great alternatives and if you can afford it some designers are even finishing designs off in 18 carat gold! If your budget won’t stretch that far, brass could be a good option that’s incredibly durable.

Open plan

As with our living spaces, bathrooms are now becoming more and more incorporated into our bedrooms. Getting ready for work or a big night out no longer needs to be hidden behind closed doors. If you’re erring towards this kind of design make sure you include a privacy barrier of some sort to show the demarcation of the room.

If you’re feeling enthused and want more inspiration, head to the Ideal Home website by following this link: