Are your drains about to cause you a problem?

Blocked drains are one of the most common reasons we have to call out a plumber. If you’ve never experienced a blocked drain before you probably won’t be surprised to learn that damaged drains are not only a huge inconvenience but can also be quite costly to repair.

Drainage problems such as a toilet that won’t flush properly, a sink that won’t drain or a shower tray that won’t clear are all commonly caused by drain blockages.

Here are 5 blocked drain causes and more importantly how you can easily prevent them.

Autumn leaves and flying debris shutterstock_405330166

Seasonally Autumn can cause lots of blocked drain issues due to fallen leaves and stormy weather. Leaves and debris can quickly gather in drains and gutters causing a whole manner of blockage problems. To help your drains from suffering with these kinds of problems cover your drain entrances with a drain guard and regularly clean out your gutters. Also make sure you keep on top of sweeping up fallen leaves and storm debris in your garden.

Fats and oils

Pouring fats and oils down your sink is without doubt one of the sure fast quick ways of creating a problem in your drains. This bad habit will destroy your pipes and sewage systems in and around your home. You may have heard about the notorious ‘fatbergs’ and if you haven’t then read more in this article but beware, it’s not for the feint hearted! To avoid any fatberg build-ups, pour fats and oils into a separate pot and dispose with your waste.

Food remnants

Leftover food is another culprit in the blocked drains list! Not scraping food from plates into a bin and simply rinsing them down the plughole is not good for your drains health. Installing a waste disposal system is a great way of ensuring leftover food gets disposed of correctly and doesn’t end up causing your drains to block.

Hair and soap sudsshutterstock_668558857

Water that’s slow to drain away in showers, baths and sinks could be the result of hair and soap suds. We wash our hands frequently throughout the day and many of us wash our hair if not every day then probably every other day. The aftermath of these activities can cause pipes and drains to become blocked or slow running. To reduce the build-up, buy some small plughole covers that stop hair and excess soap suds from going into the pipes.

Tree root invasions

Tree root invasions are difficult to spot quite simply because they are underground and can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, if they do get left untreated, resolving the subsequent problems can be extremely costly. The outer surface of drainage pipes normally have condensation on them and tree roots spread out in search of water. If your water flow becomes obstructed and there is no obvious reason why then it may be worth checking your outside drains for root damage. A professional drain company will be able to carry out a CCTV survey to let you know the health of your drains. If the worst has happened and you need to buy new pipes shop around and get a few quotes from several retail outlets like Harmer Drainage.

You can also get further advice and help from your local water company like Thames Water: