Stylish Family Cars for 2020

There are many factors that make a great practical but stylish family car. The most important factors are to ensure it is spacious, efficient, comfortable and has the features you and your family are looking for and of course all within the price range you have agreed to spend on your next car.

There have been rumours that the family hatchback is on its way out as SUV’s and crossover vehicles took the market by storm. But even with these new additions to the line-up, the humble family hatchback is still is one of the most popular models being bought today.

Here we look at a range of family cars including a small SUV for you to consider for your next family car purchase.


  1. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been on the market for years and Ford have certainly improved things along the way. It’s crammed with all the latest technology as well as giving you a fantastic drive. The car comes with a range of efficient engines and all within a reasonable price. The interior is stylish and relatively spacious with a good-sized boot. The passengers in the back can now enjoy a much more spacious ride without compromising on space in the front or in the boot.

  1. Mercedes A-Class

Stylish, sophisticated and an interior to die for, the Mercedes A-Class packs a punch when up against it’s rivals. You can choose from a range of engines, from the entry level diesel which for many is a practical choice, up to the powerful A250 petrol. Additionally, Mercedes haven’t held back on the technology and safety features. If you’re finding the new prices a little hefty why not look at the used Mercedes options from an approved dealer.

  1. Audi A3 Sportback

For a family hatchback that delivers on all counts, the Audi A3 Sportback has to be considered. Its interior sets a high standard compared to its rivals and is not the cheapest option on the market. However, there are a couple of things to consider before striking this one off the list based on budget. Audi does maintain a high resale value and with a new A3 heading to the market soon you may be able to pick up a bargain if you hunt around.


  1. Skoda Karoq

If you’re looking for a small SUV that’s practical and can deliver all the needs of a family car, the Skoda Karoq should be on your test drive list. Its smaller SUV size makes it reasonably priced with many features shared from other members of the line-up. It looks good, has a classy feel to the interior and delivers a great ride. There’s a range of engine choices as well as front-wheel and four-wheel options. Visit the Skoda website for further details:

  1. Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a staple in many family homes and has been for decades. Of course, the VW badge does mean you’ll pay slightly over the odds in comparison but for many people that’s the premium their happy to pay. Where it doesn’t deliver on bags of room it does deliver on technology, plushness, style and performance –