Best Electric Cars 2019

We may have 10 weeks to go until the end of the year but 2019 has been such an exciting year with new technology emerging all the time that we thought we’d give a round-up of what’s on the market so far and what some manufacturers are tempting us with over the next couple of months..

In no particular order:

Kia Soul EVshutterstock_1082414501

Now in its third generation Kia have greatly improved the Kia Soul EV. Although different engine versions can be found across the world this latest release will only be offered to the European market as a purely electric car. The original version of the Soul EV had a mileage range of just 132 miles, this has now been vastly improved to 280 miles – not as good as some including Kia’s own e-Niro but still hugely better. Kia have kept the iconic boxy shaped design but have introduced LED strip lights at the rear end and have also increased the size of the car as it’s now 55 mm longer and 30mm larger thanks to its 2600mm wheelbase. Many manufacturers have only just had their first versions of completely electric cars on the market, so if you’re looking for a manufacturer that has been in the game for a long time and quite clearly knows its stuff, the Kia Soul EV is not a bad shout.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

If you’ve owned a Mercedes GLC or been in a GLC and like the style, comfort and luxury, you won’t be disappointed with the EQC. And that’s quite simply because Mercedes haven’t designed a brand new car, they’ve simply modelled their first major all electric car on the GLC. In all fairness to Mercedes even though it may not be a new design, what they have done is create a superb silent electric car that’s not only safe but ultra-efficient as well. Range can be from 231 to 259 miles, driving the car as it should be driven which it scarily encourages you to do. You can explore the range by heading to your local Mercedes dealership.

Porsche Taycan

This little beauty is what many fans of sports cars that want to run on electric have been waiting for. Of course, its price ticket doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth the money. It’s stylish, silent, wonderful to drive, effortless in traffic and is a bit of a curb showstopper. With a driving position of the 911 you’ll be comfortable in no time at all, even though many say the exterior is very Panamera looking. With regards to mileage you may well hit the 280 mark, but you may have to watch how heavy your foot is, after all it is a sports car and drives like one too! The Porsche website has more information and details:

Tesla Model 3

shutterstock_1364902643Tesla are the leading electric car manufacturer, after all that’s what they do, and the eagerly awaited Tesla Model 3 will not disappoint. Not cheap but comfortably cheaper than the Porsche Taycan it’s worth looking at quite simply for vale for money. Not only does it shift when you want, the mileage range is astounding with a top range of 388 miles. Perhaps for those that love their technology, the Tesla Model 3 will win hands down. It’s jammed packed full of autonomous driving features, has the minimalistic dashboard look and features the touchscreen where all controls for driving are accessed as well as the infotainment system. Visit their website for more details:

With all manufacturers looking to improve mileage range, as well as technical features, 2020 is certainly looking like an exciting year for the electric car market.