Best Car Apps 2018

No matter if you have a brand-new car or a model that’s a few years old, your driving experience can be enhanced with the many driving apps that are now available on the market. If you’ve bought your car on a Personal Car Lease, you may have found that you were able to include lots of additional technology within your agreement but even with the enhanced technology, there are still some apps that just can’t be beaten.

Here’s our pick of the bunch.


shutterstock_476055898Waze ( is more than just a journey planner, it offers so much more that you’ll wonder why you haven’t used this amazing little app before. It’s a community-based app where users share real-time traffic and road information helping people to save time and money on their journeys. Map editors work constantly to keep the app current and up to date, so you’ll always be using the most current information. And what’s more if your planning an outing with friends and meeting at an agreed destination, you can view where they are so you can co-ordinate journeys and meeting times.

Car Camera

Instead of installing a dashcam this fantastic app will do just what you need it to do at the fraction of the cost of installing a dash cam. The interface is clear and simple to use, giving you an array of different features, such as allowing you to set the length of time you’d like to video, whether you’d like continuous videoing or frames per second, as well as capturing both video and gps location data of your journey. Additionally, it will record in the background whilst you use your phone as normal.


With petrol prices on the increase and not everyone being able to afford to switch to electric cars, knowing how to keep fuel consumption low is something I’m sure we’d all love to do for the benefit of our wallets. Fuelly ( does just that. It tracks your usage over time which can help you monitor changes to your driving behaviour and flags any issues with the health of your vehicle. It also helps the community to understand the real costs of every vehicle helping them to make more informed choices with buying decisions.

Smart Driver Club

shutterstock_772891186Smart Driver Club is a great all-round car app that offers a range of helpful features. It does require a Smart Plug to set up and there is also a monthly subscription. From 24/7 driver monitoring to trip cost calculations, from car location – great if you’ve lost your car in the supermarket carpark! – to crash assistance, this app really does cover everything a driver could need help with. One of the best features that Smart Driver Club has to offer is that it can track any problems that develop with your car. And what’s more if you breakdown Smart Driver Club can co-ordinate your recovery.

Technology is constantly changing in today’s world, who knows what fantastic new apps will be brought to the market in 2019.